Robert Hunt – Cannabis Industry Expert Consultant

Rob Hunt Marijuana Legalization Expert

As the principal of Consult Canna, Robert Hunt brings a unique perspective to the cannabis industry as an attorney, entrepreneur, activist and cultivation expert.

He has been involved in nearly every aspect of cannabis for over 10 years and as a result has the ability to help new businesses succeed without falling prey to the pitfalls that have stifled those that have come before.

By being closely tied to the efforts that have brought about the quasi-legalization and mainstream acceptance of cannabis, Rob has a developed a vast network and has a variety of skill sets that are truly beneficial to both the burgeoning entrepreneur and the seasoned investor.

Consult Canna Provides Consulting For:

  • Legal
  • Corporate Structure Creation
  • Business Development
  • Legislative Strategies
  • Cannabis Manufacturing
  • Cultivation Facility Design and Build-out
  • Industry Hardware and Related Products
  • Community Outreach
  • Public Relations
  • Crises Management
  • Software
  • Inspection Compliance

  • Curing and Packaging
  • Security

What makes Consult Canna unique is its ability to draw from the experience of the top professionals in every facet of the Cannabis Industry. In addition to its core competencies, Consult Canna will recruit specialists on a case by case basis to ensure that its clients’ needs are being addressed and solutions are being tailored specifically to match the project at hand.

  • Dispensing collectives, Dispensary set up
  • Legal Business structures  Product Patient uses
  • Municipalities and State Implementation design and legislature
  • Business Planning
  • Manufacturing and Facility Set up


  • Over 10 years of working in the Medical Cannabis Community.
  • Experience bringing many Cannabis Medicines to market.
  • Dispensing Collective Administration and Operation Expert
  • Canna-Business Management and Implementation
  • Political Activism Specialist and Community Leader
  • Legal Adviser


  • Business Planning and Organizational Development
  • Product Design and Development: Packaging and Labels
  • Community Outreach and Services Coordination
  • Training: Legal, Customer Service, History, Safety
  • Branding, Marketing, and Advertising Design
  • Strategic Planning and Operational Implementation
  • System Development and Management Planning
  • Facility Planning and Upgrades
  • Green Construction Services Available
  • Public Relations, Patient Advocacy, Crisis Management